Unbleached Kraft paper

Generally were made by 100% virgin unbleached pulp. It is comparatively coarse paper particularly noted for its strength. The word Kraft is from the German word for “Strong”. Superiority of this product is high dry and wet strength capacity.
Kraft paper is divides into 3(three) kind of paper according to their materials and substance rang:

Brown Kraft
This type of paper specialized for making gummed tape of food bag. It’s made from 100 % virgin pulp. Substance range 17.5 GSM – 110 GSM.

Samson Kraft
This type of paper has many kind of different colour. It’s made from 50% virgin pulp and 50% waste. The paper can used for making envelope, book cover, etc. Substance rang 60GSM- 110 GSM.

OCC Kraft
A semi recycled paper from 100% waste and OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) built an excellent clean and glossy brown paper with good quality is still our priority. Specialized for making envelope, wrapping, printing and also enable to laminate with foam. Substance rang 70GSM – 110GSM.