Bleached Kraft paper

MG Paper Stand For Machine Glazed Paper, which is characteristic in one side glossy and coarse in the other side. Its lightweight, clean and economical multi purpose paper. The paper is made from 100% virgin bleached pulp and this delivers strength and versatility. At the final stage of papermaking, the sheet is polished or ” Glazed” hence the paper’s name by special dryer rollers (yankee). This gives the product a shiny finish on one side of the sheet .

MG paper has many applications in paper industry:

  • ·        Laminated with PE or Wax Become base paper for aluminum foil
             and food wrapping.
  • ·        Laminated with  plywood
  • ·        Coated with ink become OTC (one time carbon)
  • ·        Printing or writing
  • ·        Crepe paper
  • ·        Sandwich paper
  • ·        Marker paper